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Open in new page!Welcome to our Real Guestbook page, We call it Real because it exists for many year at Sirtaki Tavern .
Thousand of costumers have written and maybe you also! There are 3 full books already.
The "Real" guestbooks are already published, new guests comments will be added at the end of the season.
Enjoy reading our guests comments , we hope you find it interesting!

"Real" Guestbook 2001-2005

There are about 190 pages in our first digital Real guestbook, there are many entries from Sirtaki's guests from all over the world...
Most of them showing the date (by the guests) so you may find your post.

- Real Guestbook Sirtaki Tavern 2001 - 2005

"Real" Guestbook 2005-2006

There are about 100 pages in this version of the 2nd book.

- Real Guestbook Sirtaki Tavern 2005 - 2006

"Real" Guestbook 2007-2011 (till now)

There are about 120 pages in this version of the 3nd book.
Also this is the current version, that exists now and people writing to this summer 2011.
Posts are till 11-6-2011

- Real Guestbook Sirtaki Tavern 2007 - 2011


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